PowerDNS Hosting:

  • DNSSec
  • Manage various record types
  • Publish SPF Data
  • Secondary DNS
  • Vanity nameservers
  • A Trilab B.V. product

The #1 DNS interface:

  • Easy-to-use setup (Wizard)
  • Create and manage multiple domains using templates 
  • Bulk import your domains (bind)
  • Daily usage statistics
  • Full API Support
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Our DNS Technology

PowerDNS Hosting is hosted on a redundant cluster of nameservers, located at multiple locations around the globe, running the excellent PowerDNS software.

The most affordable DNS solution!

The professional and reliable PowerDNS management service is available for just $4 per domain per year. Check our rates here

Try our Managed DNS

Our web based DNS management tool enables you to easily and quickly perform all the DNS activities needed to manage websites and other online communication applications or services.

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PowerDNS Hosting is not related to PowerDNS.COM the software company.