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How to manage your DNS with PowerDNS Hosting

To give you an idea on what we mean with fast and easy we've placed some screenshots of the PowerDNS Hosting interface on this page.

With PowerDNS Hosting you can chose wheter you want to use the technical and advanced interface or take it easy and use our Wizard

Want to see more examples of our wizard? Click here

All DNS management is done from one central dashboard giving you a quick an easy status overview of your domains.

Main - Control panel.

Besides managing the most basic DNS settings with PowerDNS Hosting we support a fast range of domain types and settings. A-records, IPv6, Vanity Nameserver settings, it's all there and easily managed.

Easily create new Zones - Domains

Got a lot of domains? Use our API.

Set up your nameserver, and start using PowerDNS Hosting.

Learn how to set up your nameservers by clicking here

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