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Did you know that even Wikipedia runs on PowerDNS software?

"As of early 2005, PowerDNS, in combination with the bind and geo backends, is used by Wikimedia to handle all DNS traffic. By using the geo backend, incoming clients can be redirected to the nearest Wikipedia server (based on their geographic location). This facility provides an effective way of load balancing and it reduces response times for the clients." Source Wikipedia

PowerDNS or PowerDNS Hosting

Running PowerDNS, allthough being one of the best and easiest DNS solutions out there, still requires some hardware, maintenance and thorough knowledge of Domain Name Servers. 

The amount of extra labour, hardware and knowledge we feel should be widely available at an affordable and even more easy-to-use way.  That's where you choose PowerDNS Hosting. 
You'll benefit from the strong and reliable architecture of the worlds leading online companies in an affordable and easy way.

Our Nameservers

Nameservers that should be used
dns-eu1.powerdns.net 2001:41d0:52:d00::69
dns-eu2.powerdns.net 2001:41d0:401:3100::571e
dns-us1.powerdns.net 2607:5300:100::260
dns-us2.powerdns.net 2607:f7a0:3:2::8918:2760


PowerDNS Hosting delivers a large amount of domains to the internet. PowerDNS Hosting has a well documented track record of extremely high uptimes, and is one of the most reliable DNS providers in the business.

We currently handle around 35.000 requests per minute, with peaks up to 75.000 requests per minute (last update: September 2011).

powerdns daily graph

Webservice API

Manage a lot of domains? PowerDNS Express provides a free API for hosting providers to automate their domain management. Documentation of this API can be found at: https://www.powerdns.net/inc/pdf/PowerDNS_Hosting_API.pdf

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