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DDOS outage and changed IP addresses

May 05, 2014

Due to a massive DDOS on all our locations, our servers were down.
In fact the DDOS was that massive,our provider had to nullroute us as traffic was affecting infrastructure.

As a result we have relocated our servers and are currently back online.
Please find the new IPv4 addresses below.

If you're using vanity nameservers please make sure to update your records.

Our nameserver IP’s are:
dns-eu1.powerdns.net 2001:41d0:52:d00::69
dns-eu2.powerdns.net 2001:41d0:401:3100::571e
dns-us1.powerdns.net 2607:5300:100::260
dns-us2.powerdns.net 2607:f7a0:3:2::8918:2760

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