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Our new Pricing plan and DNSSec

November 30, 2012


We've got some exciting and important news to share.
Last years' customer survey has given us a lot of important feedback that we've used to further improve our service. These changes will impact our pricing model and we're going to introduce a new "Pro" version of PowerDNS Hosting.
Prices are going up and we’re doubling up your balance!
The current price of $2 per zone per year isn't enough to pay the coffee machine and keep our servers humming. The new price will be $4 per zone per year starting the next time your zone is up for renewal.
To compensate all of our current valued customers we will be doubling up your account balance on January 1st 2013.
So if there's $20,- on your balance by the 31st of December, we will double that to $40,- This will assure you of a continued service.
Feel free to abuse this offer and add some balance to your account before the end of this year
(This is a one time non-refundable offer for PowerDNS Hosting customers).
Introducing PowerDNS Hosting Pro
Another reason to stick around is our new Pro version that will have the following exciting new features:
- DNSSec
- Vanity nameservers
- Slave zones
The price per zone for Pro will be $8 per year.
What about my current zones and payments?
No worries, zones using the future pro features such as slave zones and vanity nameservers will stay active with these features as a standard zone.
Your current setup will not be affected.
What else
Our new interface will have the ability to use bulk import for your zones (bind). Using the new templating tool you can now setup multiple zones much easier and faster. We've added graphs giving you a nice dashboard of statistics and we upgraded our infrastructure making our service even more reliable.
Altogether a fair deal for just $4 per zone per year keeping us the most affordable DNS solution online.
Over the next 4 weeks we will deploy the new features and keep you informed via email. If have any questions, feel free to contact us here.
The team at PowerDNS Hosting.

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