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Adding a webforward to your DNS

If you wish to add a web forward to a domain that you have already set-up, you need to login to PowerDNS and click on 'Edit' next to the relevant domain.

You will then be taken to the 'Domain Control Page'. On this page you should click on the link 'Web' just above the 'Domain Details' section. You will be redirected to a Domain Control Panel section dedicated for your web forwards.

The link 'Add a new Web Forward' will redirect you to the form for adding the forwards.
Enter the name for you web forward, ommiting the domainname. You can chose any name for your web forward as long as it only contains letters and numbers.
Fill in the destination next.

For example, if you want your web forward 'stuff.my-domain.com' forwarded to your website, enter 'http://www.my-website.com/'.
Ommiting the 'http://' will cause an error. If you choose for a non cloaked web forward, these two fields are sufficient. Click on 'Add' and your web forward is added to your domain.
If you want a cloaked web forward you can fill in the rest of the form.

Enter the title you want to appear in the top of the browser. This could be any title you think is suited for your web forward.
For example: 'Welcome to My Homepage'. If you give a short description of what your web forward is about in the next entry box it will appear in the meta tags.
The same accounts for the keywords you want to supply. Keywords in the meta tags will help search engines to find your site once you have submitted your site URL to them.
Keywords have to be entered with commas between them. If you want a specific icon to appear in the browser's locationbar before the URL when people visit your site, you can enter the icon's location in the 'favorite icon box' at the bottom of the form.
When finished click on 'Add' and the web forwarded is added to your domain.