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Primary and secondary Nameservers

What is a primary or secondary Nameserver?

Theoretically domain names can work with only one name server we call this the primary DNS. However, imagine what happens if this DNS goes offline? There are enough examples where a domain name needed at least two name servers assigned in order to be available at any time. This back-up requirement has turned into an accepted Internet standard that prevents domain names from going offline.

With PowerDNS Hosting we support both primary and secondary DNS hosting. Happy with your current DNS hosting provider but feel the urge for a secure and stable backup? 

In that case PowerDNS Hosting could be your cheap and trustworthy Secondary DNS hosting provider.

What are the addresses of the Power DNS primary and seconday nameserver?

The addresses of the PowerDNS primary and secondary nameservers are as follows.

Nameservers that should be used
dns-eu1.powerdns.net 2001:41d0:52:d00::69
dns-eu2.powerdns.net 2001:41d0:401:3100::571e
dns-us1.powerdns.net 2607:5300:100::260
dns-us2.powerdns.net 2607:f7a0:3:2::8918:2760

Where the nameservers settings for my domain are held?

The nameservers settings for your domain are most often held at the place where you purchased your domain ie. if you purchased your domain name from Network Solutions, then you will probably find that you need to update the settings of your nameservers there.

You can find your current nameserver settings by using our whois utility (login needed). Enter your domain name and click submit. On the 'whois' results page your nameserver will be listed at the bottom of the page.
If the nameserver details do not correspond to those mentioned above you will need to go to the place where you registered your domain (the registrar) and update the nameservers to those of PowerDNS.

How do I update my nameserver settings to use PowerDNS?

You can often update your nameserver details online either via the web or email, however sometimes you will need to send a fax to have your nameserver details updated. For more information go to the help section of the site you purchased your domain from. 

Why do I need to update my nameserver settings?

If you do not update your nameserver settings then PowerDNS will not be able to direct browers from your domain to your redirect URL or the IP address of your server.