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Frequently asked DNS questions

Troubleshooting My domain is not redirecting to the correct URL or IP address

Have you updated your nameserver details so that you are using the PowerDNS nameservers?

If you are not sure about this you can find out by using the PowerDNS domain whois. The PowerDNS nameservers are listed in the Nameservers help section.

If you do not see these listed on the domain whois results you will need to contact your registrar (who's name will also be listed on the domain whois results) to have them changed to those of PowerDNS.

Sometimes it can take up to two days for a nameserver change to really work.

I cannot remember who I am using for primary and secondary nameservers

You can find out who you are using for your primary and secondary nameservers by using our domain whois utility. Enter in the name of your domain and click submit, on the search results page you should see the primary and secondary nameserver details listed.